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Handling your workers compensation claim on your own is tough. We know. With nearly forty years of combined legal experience chances are we’ve seen what you’re going through and helped someone else deal with the same situation. Your checks are late. You can’t get the medical treatment you need. Prescriptions never get filled, or maybe you don’t have a ride to your medical appointments, or just don’t have the gas money. Worse yet, your employer denies you even got hurt at work. The bills are piling up, and you have to provide for yourself and those you care about. Or maybe you have an attorney you never see and can’t get on the phone. All of these things happen to good people just like you who were hurt on the job. You can start getting help right now. Call us and you’ll talk to a workers compensation lawyer who can start giving answers.

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Any lawyer can say they’re tough or get results, They might even say they’re smart or that they get results fast. Some even have fancy slogans and jingles. Us? We’re talented enough to get you what you need as soon as possible and to keep pushing your case to get you what you really deserve. We can be tough, but sometimes tough means the lawyers are busy fighting while you’re still hurting. We get results, but more importantly we make it a point to get real results without low-balling your case for a quick payday. We’re plenty smart (Tulane, Loyola and Southern Law School grads), so we know how to find the law that helps you the most, write the brief that may get your case resolved with only paper and pen, and are no stranger to the courtroom. We work efficiently, which we think is better than just fast. We even have a simple slogan that tells you who we represent: Too Hurt to Work? We pride ourselves in being accessible to our clients. We want you to understand your case. We want to help you coordinate the benefits you’re entitled to. Not sure or need more information before you call us? Then follow this link:

Workers Compensation Information

Our primary focus is workers compensation, but we can also deal with a variety of legal issues and have experience handling disputes with insurance companies and nursing homes, lawsuits involving wrongful death and serious injuries, and other tough, complicated cases. We can help resolve your legal case through settlement, or we’ll file a lawsuit and go the distance to trial if that is what it will take. Since 1999 we’ve handled claims and cases involving thousands of people. Whether you’ve been injured in Baton Rouge, suffered the wrongful death of a loved one in Lake Charles, been denied insurance in Lafayette, or a relative has been abused or neglected in a Shreveport nursing home, attorney Craig Mitchell and Mitchell & Associates can help.

While car wrecks and other accidents often cause personal injury, result in medical bills and can disable someone from working, people and businesses can be hurt in many other ways. A nursing home may not properly train its staff to meet the needs of your loved one. An insurance company might not adjust your hurricane claim properly or might not believe your business has suffered an economic loss. A contract might be broken, resulting in lost opportunities and profits. We can help.

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Sending us information about your potential case does not mean we will automatically represent you – you are telling us about your situation in order for us to evaluate whether we believe you have a case which we may choose to handle on your behalf. We will review your circumstances and let you know as soon as possible whether we can discuss your potential case with you further. The information you give us is confidential and can’t be shared with anyone outside of our office.