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The Louisiana Workers Compensation Act is supposed to help injured workers get the medical help they need. It is also set up to replace lost earnings. The trade off is you can’t sue your employer for pain and suffering. Over the years the Louisiana workers compensation act has gotten more and more complicated. What was supposed to be a quick and efficient way of taking care of someone who is hurt on the job is now a series of forms, guidelines and rules. Many people find navigating the process is hard. We want to help. You have enough on your mind dealing with your accident. The bottom line is getting injured at work happens all too often. If you get hurt on the job we can and will help. Let us fight to get the benefits you deserve.


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Your Louisiana workers compensation case may entitle you to different types of indemnity (wage) benefits. You may able to get permanent total disability. Temporary total disability is there when you can’t work for a while but will eventually able to go back to work. Or maybe your injury is severe, but you can still work. That’s where permanent partial disability comes in. If you can work, but because you were hurt you can’t do what you used to, you may be able to get supplemental earnings benefits.

Under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act you get to pick your own doctor. Your employer pays the bill if your treatment meets certain guidelines. Once you get to the point where you can go back to some level of work you should get vocational rehabilitation to get you back in the workforce. On top of this you should also be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses related to your injury and recovery.

We handle cases in the Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation throughout the state. There are nine different Workers Compensation District Offices. You can see where they are if you Click Here.

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