Kiana Aaron Mitchell

About Kiana Aaron Mitchell


  • Law Degree: J.D. Loyola University School of Law
  • Undergraduate: B.A. Wake Forest University

Licensed in:

  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi

Too hurt to work? Injured on the job?
Call Kiana Aaron Mitchell – she’ll help you get the workers’ compensation payments your hard work has already earned.

Kiana Aaron Mitchell

Legal Experience

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our firm. Our goal is to help you protect your legal rights by making an informed decision about which workers’ compensation attorney is right for you. We’ve been fortunate to handle a significant number of disputed claims for compensation, and we’ve been successful in the Office of Workers’ Compensation and in the Louisiana Courts of Appeal. I’ve personally handled numerous cases involving nearly every workers’ compensation issue that can come up. You may have a dispute over your medical condition, your checks might not be coming on time or in the right amount, or you’re hurt worse than your employer thinks you are. I’ll take the time to understand the issues you’re having and understand the result you want.

Its a good idea to have a workers’ compensation attorney handle your workers’ compensation claim. Your employer will have a workers’ compensation insurance lawyer and claims adjuster on its side. Their job will be to try to determine whether you’re entitled to get benefits for being hurt on the job. The adjuster will calculate what your payments should be and will be responsible for getting them to you on time. If your workers’ comp payments are calculated wrong, or if you don’t get your workers’ comp benefits on time you may be able to recover penalties and attorney fees.

Sending us information about your potential case does not mean we will automatically represent you – you are telling us about your situation in order for us to evaluate whether we believe you have a case which we may choose to handle on your behalf. We will review your circumstances and let you know as soon as possible whether we can discuss your potential case with you further. The information you give us is confidential and can’t be shared with anyone outside of our office.