Louisiana Workers Compensation

Workers compensation programs exist in every state. The idea is that if a person gets hurt working they’ll be able to get medical help. They’ll also be able to get some of their pay. Louisiana workers compensation laws see to it that a person who is injured on the job is entitled to this almost automatically.

So what types of benefits are there with Louisiana workers compensation? Medical treatment is one. Lost wages is another. Job training, known as vocational rehabilitation, is another. Even death benefits are available for bad accidents.

Louisiana Workers Compensation – Who Is Eligible?

Most workers are covered under the Louisiana workers compensation statutes on the first day that they begin employment. These benefits extend to all workers whether they be employed full-time, part-time or seasonally. Additionally, employees who are minors are also covered to the same degree as if they were adults.


Louisiana Workers Compensation – Who Pays?

Workers compensation benefits for injured workers are required by law. They’re paid by the employer. Every employer has to have workers comp insurance, or be self-insured. When a person is hurt on the job and the injuries are related to what he is doing at work the employer has to provide benefits. The checks usually come from a claims adjuster. The claims adjusters job is to manage your claim. They’re supposed to make sure your check are on time. They also have to set up your medical treatment and make sure its paid for. There are limits to this, of course.

Workers Compensation in Louisiana – Basic Benefits.

Indemnity benefits are the pay you get when you’re hurt on the job. The amount you get is usually based on what you made in the four weeks before your accident. Your average weekly wage (AWW) is based on those four weeks. Your check will be two-thirds of the AWW. Keep in mind that if your injury doesn’t have anything to do with your job you won’t be able to get workers compensation Louisiana benefits.

Medical care is also a part of the Louisiana workers compensation package. Your job has to pay for treatment and medicine related to your on the job injury. You get to pick a doctor to go to. There are limits though. Your doctor has to follow the Louisiana Workers Compensation Medical Guidelines.

If your injury is so bad you will never work again you should be able to get permanent total disability benefits (PTD). You keep getting your workers compensation checks because you can’t go back to work. If you can still work, but can’t do what you were doing before, you should get supplemental earning benefits (SEB) for up to ten years. SEB pays the difference between what you were making and what you can make after you got hurt.

If you can’t go back to your job because of your injuries you should get vocational rehabilitation. Your employer (or its insurer) will also have to pay for this. The idea is to help train you for other work. You are also supposed to get help finding jobs you can do. Do get confused though. Your job doesn’t have to keep paying you until you get hired. The way it works is that if a job you can do is found your benefits can be reduced or stopped even if you don’t get the job!

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