Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits

Let Us Fight For Your Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits.

What Are Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits?

Workers compensation indemnity benefits are the payments you can get if you’ve been injured on the job. The point of workers compensation indemnity benefits is to replace your lost wages. When a person is hurt on the job they can’t work. And if they can’t work they can’t get paid.  Workers compensation indemnity benefits are meant to help people out during this difficult time.

It’s important to understand that in Louisiana, you don’t get every dollar you were making when you got hurt. Instead you get about two-thirds of your salary. Your workers compensation indemnity benefits are going to be based on what you made in the four weeks before your accident. There’s also a limit. No matter how much you make your the most workers compensation indemnity benefits a person can get is $630.00 per week.

How Will I Be Paid?

If you get hurt on the job and your accident is related to your employment you should be able to get workers compensation indemnity benefits. Your check will be mailed to you (or someone you select) every week. If your check is delayed your employer can be found liable for additional penalties and attorneys fees. You don;t start getting checks the day after you get hurt. If you’re out more than seven days the payments kick in.

The most common workers compensation indemnity benefits is known as Temporary Total Disability (TTD). These payments are for what they sound like. If your injuries are so bad you can’t work for at all you’re considered temporarily totally disabled. A doctor has to give this opinion, not you. There are also Permanent Total Disability (PTD) and death benefits available under the Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits guidelines. The amount you receive will be based on the same four weeks earnings from before the on the job injury.

When do Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits Start?

You won’t get a check the first week you are out. There is a waiting period that has to pass first. If you can’t work for more than a week the checks should start coming. After you have been out for two weeks you’ll get a check that covers the first week you missed work. After that as long as your doctor says you are unable to work you should get your check.

When do Workers Compensation Indemnity Benefits End?

Once your doctor gives an opinion you can go back to work your workers compensation indemnity benefits will stop. Sometimes, though, a person gets released to go back to work with restrictions. The restrictions will be based on what the doctor thinks the person is able to do. For instance, you may have heard of sedentary or light duty. If you are released to go back to some sort of work and your job can accommodate you, your workers compensation indemnity benefits will get stopped.  If something changes with your diagnosis or your job can’t find anything you can do that fits with the doctor’s orders you will keep receiving your checks.

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