Mitchell & Associates Reviews

Great attorney, would highly recommend to friends and family!

When speaking with Craig Mitchell he treats you with respect and is very approachable. He makes sure everythig is done on time and properly. He is very knowledgable, personal and professional. I walked into his office feeling scared and alone and I walked out knowing that my case was in very capable hands. I was getting the runaround from my employer and Workers Comp but his knowledge and confidence allowed me to focus on my health. I highly recommend Craig Mitchell to anyone.


A Different Kind of Attorney

I have dealt with attorneys before and when I ran across my attorney Craig Mitchell and associates it was an experience like no other they are really thoughtful caring and loving like you’re part of the family I once was in the hospital for a week and he sent me flowers just to show appreciation and that they cared and they also kept me updated with all of the information that was going on with my case they were very accurate on everything that they did and at the same time they always kept a smile on their face which made me feel very comfortable so I really appreciate my attorney and the people that works with him and last but not least I have to thank you Michael Rodriguez as well for the time you invested into my case and also made me feel comfortable and like part of their family I really do love the way that they handed me and my cases and make sure I understood everything about it and if anyone ever need attorney I will surely send them to Craig Mitchell & Associates I am very happy with my outcome. And I would never hesitate to call them in the future if needed.


A Great Lawyer

Mr. Mitchell is a great Lawyer, I was having problem receiving my worker comp check, Mr. Mitchell put his client first and is a very understanding and diligent lawyer.


Took His Time and Impressed

I met Craig recently to discuss my Workers Compensation case. I was impressed with the way his staff handled me upon arrival. Everyone seemed very friendly and even happy to be at work. What impressed me most of all was the time he spent with me. Having just fired one attorney who would not communicate and never took the time to sit and discuss things face-to-face, I was expecting to be rushed out so the next client could be rushed in. Craig made me feel like his only client and I wasn’t even a client yet. I am now.


A Wonderful Attorney

I turned to Mr. Mitchell after consistently being ignored by the other driver’s insurance company. From the first time I met with him, he explained all fees, possible outcomes and how he dealt with cases similar to mine. He consistently contacted me with any new developments. He offered his opinion, but always allowed me to choose whichever option I preferred. He offered guidance throughout the entire process and never failed to answer my questions thoroughly and translate the legal speech into terms I understood. Another wonderful thing about Mr. Mitchell is that he always returned my phone calls quickly and I was never forced to wait or told to speak with somebody else because he was busy. He made me comfortable with the entire process and allowed me to concentrate on my medical treatment and recovery. I could not have asked for a better attorney and would not hesitate to recommend him to any person who wants a reliable, professional and trustworthy attorney to represent them.


Prior Client

When it came down to my workplace injury, Mr. Mitchell was the one I ran to see. It was easy to get him over the phone line & he settled my case in little to no time.

– Bobby T.

No complaints would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone.

Mr. Mitchell represented me why handling my workers comp case. He was very informative as well as honest. Till this day I have been satisfied with he was able to do. Definitely a dedicated lawyer who works hard for his clients.


Trustworthy, Hardworking Attorney

As a business professional, there is always the temptation to go with a large multi-partner law firm when dealing with legal issues. What Mitchell & Associates provided for my firm was the attention to detail, responsiveness, and success that was needed to protect our firm and make sure we are able to continue to service our clients. My firm will keep Mitchell & Associates on retainer as we continue to grow and recommend them to friends and clients as well.


A Credit to his Profession for his Character of Excellence in Helping Others!

Mr. Mitchell is a rare gem in this ever changing legal world which is very rare in this complex society of title holders without a clue of the value of that title, such as “Attorney At Law,” not “Attorney by Selective Law.” Mr. Mitchell actually cares and has the desire to help any and all laymen seeking solutions from an expert in their given field of knowledge. What separates Mr. Mitchell from most professional persons claiming the title of Attorney, is simply the value of his character and of course the fact that he not only remembers the Lawyer’s Creed, he actually lives by it! It goes without saying that if one enlist Mr. Mitchell’s services they are getting so much more than his expertise in presenting your case, you get represented as he would want to be represented. My review is the result of my experience as I presented one legal question after another without making much sense and received a respectful reply for each and everyone as each was perceived as the first and answered with the professional and personal desire to reveal the options and possibilities of solving my dilemma. I will proudly and respectfully highly recommend Mr. Mitchell to my huge family in and around New Orleans. Thank you for your time to actually care to read a complete strangers opinion!



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