Serious Car Wrecks

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Chances are you or someone you know will be involved in a serious car wreck. There’s also a good chance the accident was someone else’s fault. The driver of the other car or truck may have been speeding or driving recklessly. Your car accident might be because someone ran a red light or stop sign. Or someone may have been driving drunk. If you’re lucky you won’t be hurt. If you’re not you might suffer from what people call whiplash (or what the insurance industry calls soft tissue injuries). Worse, you may break bones or have internal injuries. Medical bills and lost wages from your inability to work might pile up.

When you are in a serious car wreck, your entire world is rocked in the first few hours after the event. It is very hard to know what to do. You are scared, you feel sick and it is difficult to think straight. But remember – it is very important to take the right first steps. This begins at the scene, but continues after you get home from the accident or hospital. Choosing Mitchell & Associates to help you after your car accident is a step in the right direction.

What Not to Do After a Serious Car Wreck

One thing that is important to remember is what not to do. There are mistakes you can make that are unfortunately all too common and can even be illegal. Some things you should never do after a car wreck are:

  • Never leave the scene before everything is squared away and without calling 911.
  • Never lose your cool. Getting angry and unreasonable is never helpful.
  • Never fail to exchange information with everyone else involved.
  • Never forget to get the item number of the accident report the police will make.
  • Never apologize, admit guilt or absolve the other driver of guilt.

If you get home after an accident and realize that you have done one of these things, it is not the end of the word. Make a note to yourself so that you can inform your attorney to better prepare them to help you.

Exchange Information

The most important thing to do at the scene, after making sure that everyone is okay, is to exchange information with other drivers involved. This includes contact information, insurance information, license plates and drivers’ license numbers from all parties.

If there are any witnesses present, try to get their contact information as well. If we know where to find them and how to get in touch with them we’ll reach out and get their statements that help your case.

See a Doctor

Even if it seems everyone is alright, it is always a good idea to get checked out. After a car accident, you are going to be full of adrenaline. This means that you may be injured but may neither feel nor realize it. It may not be unusual for you to go home thinking everything is fine. But the next morning you may realize you were hurt in the car accident.

Common injuries from serious car wrecks include:

  • Back, neck and spine injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

These can result even from what seems like a minor accident and can take days or weeks to manifest after the event. Having a doctor look you over just to be on the safe side is always a good idea. Never neglect the potential aftermath of an accident.

Report the Accident

Call your insurance company as soon as possible. It is important to let them know about the accident, even if you were not at fault. Explain the situation and give them the contact information for the other drivers. It is also a good idea to let them know that you will be speaking to an attorney to represent your interests in the case.

Remember, your insurance is there to help you recoup damages from your loss. Never be reluctant to pursue a claim. If the other car does not have insurance, or I their insurance isn’t enough to cover your injuries, you may be able to pursue uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage from your insurance company. This is coverage in place to make up the difference between what the person who caused the car accident can pay and the value of your losses.

Call Craig Mitchell at Mitchell & Associates

After contacting your insurance agency, you should immediately call our office and talk to one of our qualified and experienced attorneys who handles car accident cases. This is especially true if there were any injuries involved, no matter how minor they may seem. Personal injury law is tricky and complex, and the seasoned attorneys at Mitchell & Associates will be able to help you to move your case forward and protect your rights.

As experienced attorneys we understand what you are going through. We will listen to your story with compassion and caring, and will be at your side throughout along the rod that follows, no matter how difficult, until your case is resolved. Along the way we’ll examine your injuries and losses caused by your serious car wreck. You may be entitled to recover damages such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Rental car costs
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

Get Photos and a Written Estimate

Even if you did not get a chance to take pictures at the scene of the accident, take photos of the damage to your vehicle as soon as you can. If the vehicle is able to be driven, you can photograph it at home. Send us the pictures by email if you can, and make sure you save a copy in a safe place. If your vehicle was towed to a repair shop after the car accident, get photos before repairs begin. These pictures will serve as a record of the accident both for your insurance company and for your legal proceedings. Also make sure to get a detailed estimate of the damage and required repairs to your vehicle, in writing. Keep a copy of this estimate with your files, and give us a copy.

Track Your Recovery

If you are being seen by a doctor, be sure to keep detailed notes of your medical treatment. As you recover, keep a file of the doctors, therapists and other specialists who work with you. You may be entitled to compensation for these medical bills. The more detailed your records, the better we will be able to help you.

Let Us Protect You After Your Car Accident, Lawyers Working For You!

Any car accident, no matter how small, can cause personal injury. Sometimes the pain goes away after a few weeks or months, but other times a car wreck can cause lasting, permanent damage. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident give us a call as soon as you can to talk about your rights. You may be entitled to substantial compensation based on the severity of your injury, and it’s important that you get an experienced car accident lawyer to start working on your case right away.

Sending us information about your potential case does not mean we will automatically represent you – you are telling us about your situation in order for us to evaluate whether we believe you have a case which we may choose to handle on your behalf. We will review your circumstances and let you know as soon as possible whether we can discuss your potential case with you further. The information you give us is confidential and can’t be shared with anyone outside of our office.