How to Make a Workers Compensation Claim

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Injured at work? Don’t Minimize Your Accident, Report It!

How to make a workers compensation claim can be confusing. There are a few things you need to know. First, the most important thing you have to do is report the accident. Do it immediately. If you are already hurt it may not be too late. The next chance you get tell your boss what happened. Across the country millions of workers make a huge mistake when they are injured on the job, probably because they didn’t know how to make a workers compensation claim. They don’t tell anyone when it happens. Sometimes they don’t tell anyone at all. Days or weeks later they’re still hurt. They need medical help and can’t work. By then it may be too late. Another mistake an injured worker can make is to down play how bad they are hurt. Sometimes your injury takes a while to start bothering you. Things may feel worse over time. In the State of Louisiana injured workers are required by law to report all accidents and injuries to their employers within thirty days. If they don’t they lose the chance to get the help they need. So the first step of how to start a workers compensation claim? Report it!

Employer Obligations

The second step of how to make a workers compensation claim is on your employer. Once you report your accident you’ve done what your were supposed to do. Your job should have a system in place to get your claim moving. Be careful though. Sometimes an employer has a specific way accidents have to be reported. Make sure you know your employer’s rules for how to make a workers compensation claim. By law the employer is required to complete the paperwork that notifies the state and the insurance company of your accident. Make sure your employer completes an accident report and don’t forget to ask for a copy. In Louisiana, employers are required by law to use Form 1007 called the Employer Report of Injury or Illness to report your accident and claim to the Louisiana State Office of Workers Compensation. Ask for the Form 1007 to your job sees you know how to make a workers compensation claim!

Gather Information To Protect Yourself

Coming to this website to figure out how to make a workers compensation claim was a good move. You have to make sure you understand how workers compensation works. Look around our website. We’ve tried to answer as many questions as we could. If you have questions, call us – there’s no fee for asking us questions so you know how to start a workers compensation claim the right way. Hopefully when you’re done looking around you’ll know a little more about how you make a workers compensation claim.

Make sure you get a copy of any other accident report your employer makes. Claims sometimes get denied. It helps to have a list of witness. It also helps to write down everything that happened while its fresh in your mind. Write down what you were doing, Write down why you were doing it. Write down who told you to do whatever it was you were doing when you got hurt. Put these notes somewhere safe. It can take months to get to court if your claim is denied. Having this information will help.

Hire Our Law Firm to Help You

The best way to protect yourself and your rights as an injured worker is to get an attorney. An estimated 90% of the people who get hurt at work don’t get legal advice. For many of them they never find out how to make a workers compensation claim. They have to live with their injuries. They have to pay for their medical care out of their own pockets. For those who do figure out how to start a workers compensation claim they still have to deal with a claims adjuster. The adjuster pretty much runs the claim. He or she decides what benefits you will get. If you don’t know what you are entitled to they won’t always tell you. On top of that even the best adjusters get bogged down with case files. It’s easy for your case to get lost. Having the help and expertise of an attorney is a good step towards making sure you get what you deserve.

If your employer doesn’t believe you had an accident, or if they refuse to pay for medical treatment or refuse to pay lost wages, give us a call. We know how to make a workers compensation claim for you. We’ll be here when you need us. We’ll help you get the benefits you deserve.

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