Workers Comp Doctors – Who Pays?

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How Are Workers Comp Doctors Paid?

Workers comp doctors must be provided to injured workers under the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act. This law says that either the employer or its workers compensation insurer has to for medical care that is necessary when a person gets hurt at work. Workers comp doctors’ charges have to be paid by the employer or its insurer within thirty days.  This time gets extended to sixty days if your workers comp doctors don’t use electronic billing. All medical treatment has to follow what is known as the Medical Guidelines.

Your out of pocket expenses that are related to your workers compensation doctors have to be reimbursed. This includes both mileage for going to doctor visits and prescriptions. These have to be given to the employer or its insurer in order for you to get your money back. Any non-emergency medical treatments over $750 have to be pre-approved by the employer. This means you can’t just go out and find your own workers comp doctors without telling anyone. You have to fill out a Choice of Physician form. The form then gets sent to your employer or the claims adjuster for approval.

Can I Pick My Workers Comp Doctors?

You do have the right to pick your own workers comp doctors. You can’t go to two of the same types of workers comp doctors though. The law only lets you see one ‘doctor per specialty. So you can;t see two orthopedists for your back injury. But you may be able to see an orthopedist and a neurologist. Also if you want to change one of your workers comp doctors you need approval from your employer if the new doctor is the same kind. Your employer is also able to chose workers comp doctors to examine you for a second opinion. If you are asked to go for a second opinion you have to. If not your benefits can be stopped.

What If All The Workers Comp Doctors Disagree?

The workers comp doctors hired on behalf of your employer are focused on getting you back to work as soon as possible. Sometimes you, your workers comp doctors and the doctors picked by your employer will disagree. There might be a disagreement about how bad you are hurt. Or it might be over how long you have to miss work. Sometimes the fight is over what you can and can’t do. When this happens the party that doesn’t agree can ask the Office of Workers Compensation for an Independent Medical Examination. This will be performed by another neutral doctor to try to break the tie. Whoever still doesn’t agree can then go to court to have the issue resolved.

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